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Truck accident on I-35 flips truck, lets pigs loose

Interstate 35 north of Kansas City got a bit crazier than usual earlier this month as the result of a collision involving a car and a semi. While any accident that occurs on a freeway has the potential to create havoc and cause injuries, the odds of that occurring increase when a tractor-trailer is involved. This crash was no exception, at least where the havoc is concerned.  The truck involved in the collision was transporting pigs.

The truck accident, which occurred around 7:30 in the morning, took place in the northbound lane. According to Missouri Highway Patrol, the semi was hit by a pickup truck. Prior to hitting the semi the pickup was travelling in the opposite direction. As it did so, the driver of the pickup to lost control. When that happened the pickup crossed the median and hit the semi.

The force of the pickup hitting the tractor-trailer caused it to fall onto its side. It also freed the pigs which then littered the highway. While some apparently escaped the incident unscathed, others were injured or died. It is unclear whether any of the people involved in the incident were hurt as well.

There are a variety of things that could cause an accident such as this one to occur. In this case, the wet road appears to have played a role. Law enforcement officers indicate that the driver of the pickup lost control when the vehicle’s wheels slipped on the wet road.

When accidents such as these result in injuries to the people involved it is not uncommon for personal injury lawsuits to be filed. In those situations, the financial compensation that usually accompanies a successful claim comes in handy for the injured individuals.

Source: The Kansas City Star, “Crash sends pigs running loose on I-35,” Aug. 7, 2013