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Kansas City bus accident sends kids to hospital

This time of year it is not uncommon so see school buses on the roads of the Kansas City, Missouri area transporting children from one location to another. However, even during the summer buses are used. They may be charted by various groups. Last month a school bus en route to a camp was involved in a bus accident. The incident happened just outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

The bus involved in the crash was transporting 36 girls who attend a private school in the city. It occurred as the bus navigated an exit ramp located in Bonner Springs. The girls were on their way to a camp where they were to meet up with other classmates as a kickoff to the school year. Their bus was followed by another one transporting male students to the same place.

It is believed that the bus rolled as a result of taking a ramp at too high of a speed. In addition to undoubtedly being a frightening experience for those involved, 18 of the girls in the bus were hurt in the incident. In addition to bruises, cuts and broken bones, head injuries were also suffered. A few of the students suffered concussions and it is believed one may have suffered a more traumatic brain injury. Another student was thought to have suffered a spinal injury.

It is possible that the parents of the girls hurt in the crash will decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against the bus company and the driver of the bus. When serious injuries are suffered by someone, the potential to secure a financial settlement to cover expenses related to the injury is often a prompt to such a lawsuit.

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