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Kansas City woman on horse struck by car in hit-and-run

Often the car accidents that occur in Missouri involve other vehicles. Other times however, other types of objects are struck by vehicles. While in many cases those object are stationary, on some occasions they are living such as a human or animal. It is possible that the object stuck could be horse and its rider. This recently occurred in Kansas City.

A woman and her husband were out for an evening ride when a car struck both of them. While her husband was hit on the side, the woman was struck hard from behind. The force of the impact sent the woman flying through the air and killed her horse. Though the woman does not remember that part of the incident, her husband said it sounded like an explosion.

Following the collision, the car that struck the woman and her horse did not stop. Instead it continued on, leaving the injured woman and her husband alone. Fortunately a Good Samaritan who said he witnessed the crash stopped to help. This was a good thing because the woman was hurt, suffering at least a concussion in the incident.

At this point the individual driving the vehicle that struck the horseback rider is still at large. Because portions of the car were recovered at the scene of the accident—including one with the VIN number–it is possible that the driver will be caught. Should that happen that driver will likely face criminal charges.

In addition to criminal consequences it is possible that a civil case could be filed against that individual as well. The injured woman and her husband could decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against that person if he or she is caught.

Source: FOX 4 KC, “Horseback rider left for dead after being hit by car,” Charly Arnolt, Sept. 25, 2013