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Suspension issue prompts Toyota to issue another recall

It is possible that any defective products could be the subject of a recall. That being said, it seems as though hardly a week goes by without an automobile being recalled. Earlier this week another recall was issued. Toyota is recalling certain hybrid crossovers and sedans for an issue with their suspension that the car maker thought it addressed last year.

The previous recall was due to a rear suspension arm that was prone to rust. The fear was that an accident could occur as a result of the rusting. The current issue has to do with repairs that were put in place after that first recall. When the alignment was adjusted, nuts were not tightened the way they were supposed to be. In addition to Toyota RAV4 crossovers from the years 2006 through 2011, the 2010 Lexus HS250 hybrid is also affected by the recall. A total of 780,000 vehicles, likely some in Kansas City, Missouri, are included.

Not all product defects result in someone suffering an injury. When they do however, it is possible that a products liability lawsuit could be filed. Such a lawsuit is designed to hold parties that had a part in the design, manufacture or sale of the defective product responsible financially. In a successful lawsuit of this type the damages received usually go a long way in helping to cover medical expenses and other costs related to the injury.

In this case it is unclear whether anyone was injured as a result of the defective auto part. When they are issued in a timely manner, recalls can stop such incidents from occurring.

Source: NBC News, “Toyota recalls 780,000 cars to fix suspension – again,” Paul A. Eisenstein, Sept. 9, 2013