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Collision involving fire engine sends 1 to hospital

Fire engines are often the first emergency vehicles on the scene of an accident. They arrive to secure the scene and help victims in any way they can. Accordingly they are usually a welcomed sight. An individual involved in a recent Kansas City, Missouri crash likely was not quite as happy to see the rescue vehicle. This is because the fire truck was actually involved in the crash.

The incident occurred where 63rd and Prospect intersect. The collision ensued while the fire truck was on the way to another scene. At the time of the crash the fire truck was in the process of turning a corner. At this point, law enforcement is unclear about which vehicle was at fault for the accident.

Following the incident one individual, whose injuries were described as serious, had to be removed from his or her vehicle. Though specifics surrounding those injuries are not known, a spokesperson for the Kansas City, Missouri police department indicated they are life-threatening.

Fire trucks are larger and heavier than most of the other vehicles sharing the road. Because of this, when they strike a smaller car, it is not uncommon for serious damage to be inflicted. In addition to property damage, occupants of the smaller vehicle could also suffer serious injuries.

An investigation will likely determine which vehicle was to blame for the incident. This could have a bearing on whether the injured individual will file a personal injury lawsuit in the matter. Lawsuits of this kind need to be filed within a certain amount of time or they will not be considered as viable.

Source: FOX 4 KC, “Person seriously injured in crash with fire truck,” Sept. 30, 2013