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Seat defect prompts recall of General Motors pickups

There are many things that car makers incorporate into the design and build of an automobile. Many of those things are incorporated to keep the vehicle occupants safe should the automobile be involved in a crash. When there is something wrong with a part of a car that could result in an injury to a person, it is possible that a recall will be issued.

Recently, a recall that may affect some drivers in the Kansas City, Missouri area, was announced by General Motors. The recall affects approximately 22,000 pickups. The models involved include both the 2014 GMC Sierra as well as the Chevrolet Silverado. The reason for the recall is a problem with the seats found in the vehicles. They do not perform as intended in rear-end accidents. They do not meet the safety requirements set out by the federal government.

Rear-end accidents occur in Kansas City on a regular basis. Accordingly, it is not impossible to think that someone in the area could be hurt while driving one of these vehicles. Fortunately, it does not appear as though anyone has been injured as a result of the defect. When, however, injuries do occur as a result of a product that is defective, it is possible that expenses surrounding such an injury can be expensive. In some case the people who were hurt will decide to file a products liability lawsuit.

As no one has been hurt because of the problem with the seat it is unlikely that such a case will be filed in conjunction with the recalled vehicles.

Source: Auto News, “GM recalls 22,000 new Silverado, Sierra pickups for seat issue,” Sean Gagnier, Oct. 9, 2013