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Speed a contributing factor in fatal car accident

Motor vehicles play a big role in the lives of many individuals throughout the Kansas City, Missouri area. Accordingly, cars, trucks and motorcycles populate area roads. Most of the time these vehicles interact without a problem. Sometimes however things happen that cause them to come into contact. When that happens, the result can be devastating.

The family of a father and daughter who were recently killed in a car accident are all too aware of this. They died when after hitting another car, their vehicle struck a tree. The force of that head-on collision left them dead at the scene.

Prior to the initial collision, eyewitnesses indicated that the vehicle driven by the 32-year-old man was speeding. As he drove something caused him to lose control of his car and it struck a curb and then another car. After rear-ending the other car, the vehicle spun around and hit the tree. The deaths were not the only harm inflicted upon those involved. Two children who were passengers in the vehicle driven by the deceased man were hurt. In addition, the person who was behind the wheel of the other car involved was also injured. 

Speed is a factor in many car accidents that occur on roads throughout the state of Missouri. When negligence on the part of a driver is to blame for an injury inducing car accident it is possible that a civil lawsuit could be filed against that person. When that driver dies in the incident, such a lawsuit could be pursued against the estate of the deceased. It is unclear whether such an action will be taken in this case.

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