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Semi truck in seven vehicle crash in Missouri

With the coming of winter weather, accidents resulting from icy and snowy conditions increase. Although accidents always have the potential to be catastrophic and deadly, the likelihood of a serious crash increases when a semi-truck is involved due to its speed, weight and size. There are many causes of truck accidents, including driver fatigue, excessive speed and negligence. When a truck driver is responsible for causing a serious accident, he or she can be held liable.

In Kansas City, Missouri, seven vehicles and a semi-truck were recently involved in a serious accident. Five ambulances were sent to the scene of the accident and at least three people were transported to a hospital. Injuries ranged from critical to non-life-threatening. One of the injuries resulted when a man was getting out his vehicle and was hit by a semi-truck. He reportedly suffered critical injuries.

Truck accidents are slightly different than other kinds of car accidents. Because of the unique characteristics of truck accidents and the range of potentially liable parties, it is very important for people who have been involved in a serious truck accident to conduct an investigation into the causes of the accident and other factors that may have contributed to the incident. Attorneys and experts with experience in this area can be invaluable because they have the background knowledge necessary and the time and resources available to make a careful investigation. Common causes of truck accidents include driver fatigue, overloaded trucks, driving while impaired, unsecured loads, unsafe highway conditions, aggressive driving, and equipment problems.

When the cause of the accident can be attributed to the truck driver or truck company, a victim can sue those parties in a personal liability lawsuit to recover critical compensation. Attempting to prove the liability of various third-parties can be complicated but it is useful in terms of getting appropriate compensation for injuries suffered. Experts can provide testimony on the cause of the accident, including equipment failure, as well as on the injuries suffered and their likely future impact on a person’s life. This expert testimony can greatly improve a victim’s chance of success.

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