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80-year-old Missouri man killed in hit and run accident

Car accidents involving pedestrians are always unsettling, but recent statistics may show an even more disturbing trend. Hit-and-run crashes are on the rise. From 2009 to 2011, hit-and-run deaths increased by 13.7 percent.

Sadly, an elderly Missouri man seems to be a recent victim of the hit-and-run epidemic. The 80-year-old man was walking along a highway early in the morning when he was struck by a motor vehicle. The man later died of his injuries. Police believe a maroon Ford Ranger truck may have been involved in the accident. An investigation is on-going.

Generally, the law requires drivers involved in an accident to stop and provide assistance to others involved in the accident, as well as providing their contact information to the others. A hit and run occurs when the driver leaves the scene of an accident.

If involved in a hit and run car crash, the victim should do several things. If it is possible, the victim should attempt to identify a defining characteristic of the car, such as a license plate number or make and model. Even if the victim cannot see the hit-and-run car, providing as much information as possible to the police will assist them in finding the fleeing driver. The victim should also try to look for witnesses who could possibly identify the car. The victim should never chase the hit and run driver.

Finding a hit-and run driver can allow the car accident victim to file a negligence lawsuit or insurance claim against the driver. A lawsuit could allow the victim to recover monetary compensation from the negligent driver to cover medical expenses and other costs associated with the car crash.

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