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New music therapy may assist recovery of injured motorcyclist

Motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy the feeling of freedom associated with riding on the open road. The rolling topography and beautiful Midwestern scenery of Missouri provides bikers with some of the best motorcycle routes in the country. Unfortunately, while riding bikes can be thrilling, an inattentive driver can turn an exciting day into a tragedy.

A new treatment may be available for bikers who suffer head injuries as the result of motorcycle accidents. Although popular songs can be annoying when they are stuck in your head, a recent study published by the journal, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, found that songs are instilled deeply in the mind and may help those with memory loss. The study believes that the music triggered personal memories in people with severe brain injuries. When listening to “Bette Davis Eyes,” by Kim Carnes, a 60-year-old motorcycle accident victim with a brain injury remembered buying the single for his wife. The motorcyclist also recalled years of happy memories with his wife when hearing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

While treatments are available for motorcycle accident victims, they can also be extremely expensive. Victims may be able to recover compensation for their medical bills from the party at fault by filing a civil lawsuit. Motorcycle accidents are governed by Missouri’s negligence laws. To prove that an inattentive driver was at fault for the accident, the motorcyclist must show that the other driver owed a duty of care to the motorcyclist, the other driver failed to fulfill that duty of care, the other driver’s breach caused the accident and the motorcyclist was injured in the accident. The amount of compensation a motorcycle accident victim may receive will depend on his injuries and the facts of the case.

Motorcyclists are just as entitled to Missouri’s roads as cars and trucks. When a careless driver injures a biker, filing a negligence lawsuit may help the accident victim receive the compensation to which he is entitled.

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