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Fatal Missouri mass transit accident

Many people in Missouri have relied on mass transit at some point in their lives. Whether it is by bus, train or airplane, large numbers of people often move together. While this can save people time and money, mass transit vehicles can be dangerous, if proper safety precautions are not taken to prevent accidents.

Recently, a passenger train headed through Missouri derailed causing injuries. According to reports, the train derailed in Missouri as it was traveling around a curve. It had left the station 25 minutes late, and witnesses claimed that the train appeared to be traveling at a high rate of speed prior to the accident. As a result of the derailment, two of the trains’ engine cars overturned and completely left the tracks. This caused other cars — including a chair car, two coach cars and a baggage car — to leave the tracks as well.

Two of the train’s employees — the fireman and the lead engineer — were instantly killed as a result of the railway accident. Other crew members were also seriously injured in the derailment. These injuries included burns, broken bones, bruises and cuts.

While mass transit vehicles usually have a strict schedule to keep, this schedule should never sacrifice safety. When this happens, injuries — like those seen in this case — can easily occur. Passengers and crew members deserve the upmost safety from mass transit companies. Companies that promote unsafe practices, fail to maintain their vehicles or are otherwise negligent can be held financially responsible for the damage they cause.

Speeding to keep on schedule can be an example of negligent behavior that risks people’s lives. A personal injury, or wrongful death, lawsuit can help victims of mass transit accidents recover from their injuries. While these lawsuits cannot offer physical or emotional healing, they can give people the financial support they need to make it through the difficult recovery period and get back to as normal of a life as possible.

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