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Head-on collision demonstrates the lethalness of car accidents

There is no doubt that the cars Kansas City residents drive are safer than those driven in decades past. With numerous airbags, improved breaking systems and greater visibility modern cars offer safety features that Americans of the past could only dream about. While such features have improved survival rates for individuals involved in serious car accidents they can often conceal just how serious some collisions actually are.

Unfortunately, serious and deadly vehicle accidents occur with some regularity and remind people of just how dangerous vehicle collisions can be. A recent head-on collision in Henry County claimed the lives of three people and has undoubtedly left their relatives searching for difficult answers to the questions raised from their deaths.

The accident happened on Missouri 13 when a sedan driven by a 19-year-old woman crossed the center line of the highway. Her car hit one vehicle before colliding head-on with a second car. Both the reckless driver and the driver of the second car died in the impact, as did a 20-year-old passenger in the reckless driver’s car.

Accident investigators will now work to determine how and why this tragedy occurred. As their investigation yields some answers regarding accident liability, the loved ones of the accident victims may begin considering what rights they have to pursue legal claims against the responsible party.

Though personal injury attorneys can help such struggling family members learn about their options for pursuing their damages only those suffering family members can decide if they want to initiate litigation. Depending upon their pain and suffering they may decide to start or hold off on litigation until a later time.

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