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Rear-end collision in Missouri kills motorcyclist

Riding a motorcycle is highly enjoyable and often exhilarating. However, even the most committed riders will admit that it is fraught with danger. Motorcycle accidents are not infrequent, especially in prime riding season, and unfortunately many are very serious. One of the most common causes of injury or death for a motorcyclist is being hit from a car from behind.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, a 26-year-old man was killed while riding his motorcycle on Missouri 7. When he slowed due to traffic, he was hit from behind by another vehicle. The impact caused the motorcyclist to be thrown from his bike in oncoming traffic, where he was then hit by a pick-up truck. Unfortunately, he was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

Whether an accident is caused by a vehicle that rear-ends, pulls out in front of, or sideswipes a motorcycle, the root cause of many accidents involving motorcycles and cars is an inattentive driver. Motorcyclists are generally significantly smaller than other vehicles and have greater maneuverability. As a result, many drivers of motor vehicles fail to see them and drive in ways that result in serious collisions.

Because the injuries suffered from a motorcycle accident are often very severe, it can require significant medical care and rehabilitation to fully recover. Many people may not have the financial means to cover these costs on their own. In these situations, a personal liability or wrongful death lawsuit against an at-fault driver can help compensate victims and their families for the losses and damages incurred. However, it is important to fully investigate the accident and identify the other driver’s specific negligent or reckless behaviors that caused the crash in order to increase the chances of success. Common causes of accidents include failure to stop at stop signs or red lights, driving while under the influence, changing lanes without signaling, crowding motorcyclists and making wide turns.

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