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Car defects in Escapes and C-Max Hybrids lead to recall

The list of potential causes of car accidents or injury in motor vehicles is almost unending. In some situations, weather or road conditions may be the culprit. In others, it is driver error or the negligence or recklessness of another driver. And in still other cases, car defects may be to blame. Many car companies initiate recalls when dangerous problems or defects come to light, but these recalls do not always happen or may not happen soon enough. As a result, Missouri residents may find themselves involved in an accident or suffering an injury that never should have happened.

Ford is currently in the midst of recalling several hundred thousand Escapes and C-Max hybrids. In some of the vehicles, a software problem poses a risk because it prevents the side air bags from inflating in certain crashes. In other vehicles, the door handle is the problem because it does not latch properly and could result in the door opening while the vehicle is in motion. Although both of these defects increase the risk of injury for drivers and passengers of these vehicles, there are currently no reports of deaths, crashes or injuries due to the defects.

Auto product liability is an important issue in Missouri. Driving is a hazardous activity even when the vehicle is in good condition and not plagued by any defect. Consumers generally purchase vehicles with the faith that the vehicles have been well designed, engineered, manufactured and tested. However, there are many different things that can wrong at any of these stages, which can result in dangerous defects and hazardous risks. Some of the most common issues related to auto product liability include tire defects, seat belt failure, and air bag failure or defects. However, any car defect could potentially be a source of auto product liability.

When consumers are injured as the result of an auto product defect, choosing to file a lawsuit can be a complicated and confusing prospect. Although the potential compensation can go a long way toward helping victims cover medical costs, property damage, loss of income or other costs, many people do not know where or how to start. An experienced attorney can help provide some insight, simplifying the process and guiding potential plaintiffs through the legal system.

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