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Child killed in auto accident as car allegedly runs red light

Drivers in Kansas City know that an auto accident can happen at any time, but for most it is not a consistent worry. However, there are times when an accident will happen and the results can be severe with catastrophic injuries and even death. Car accidents can occur due to negligence, drinking and driving, ignoring traffic signals or simply because of unfortunate circumstances. In any event, the aftermath can be terrible for the injured persons and their families.

An 11-year-old boy was killed and five others were injured in an auto accident involving a Chevrolet Impala and a Chevrolet Silverado. The driver of the Impala was the boy’s father’s girlfriend. Also in the vehicle were the woman’s own three sons, ages nine months, one and six. The crash reconstruction is ongoing, however the driver of the Impala claims that the Silverado sped up to beat a red light and caused the crash. Another witness corroborated this account. Police are investigating and it has yet to be determined whether charges will be filed.

Any auto accident can have long-term ramifications on those who were hurt. There can be significant medical costs required to return to full health. Rehabilitation and long-term can may be necessary. A person who was hurt badly enough might not be able to return to work or function independently. These issues are exacerbated if there is a fatality in a crash. The pain and suffering experienced is immense. Insurance companies might sound concerned when they contact a person who has suffered a loss in an accident, but their main focus is to keep costs as reasonable as possible. It’s imperative that a full investigation be conducted to determine the cause and who is at fault.

Those who suffered a loss in an accident need to understand how to move forward with a possible legal filing. To gather information on what to do next, they would be wise to discuss the matter with an attorney experienced in these kinds of accidents.

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