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Car accidents: sometimes, the hardest fights are the right fights

Missouri car accidents hold a unique place in civil law. They are not unique because of the types of injuries that can occur or because of some special method used to evaluate the claims. Rather, car accident claims are unique because the case will likely be defended by a trained insurance attorney, who does little more than defend against auto insurance claims. Attempting to go against an insurance attorney alone can result in low settlements, claims being underpaid or claims being wrongfully denied.

The amount of recovery from an injury can be the difference between a family picking up the pieces and moving on with their life, or struggling to just make ends meet. That is why determining whether to go it alone or who to hire to handle your case can be the most important decisions made. Car accidents are often very fact specific meaning one detail and make all the difference in the amount of recovery.

Our firm prides itself on putting its clients first, which is why we count two medical providers among our staff. Both of our medical staff have legal training and are regularly consulted on our cases on everything from the best doctors to the correct medical issues to use in a case. Our staff allows us to quickly evaluate cases and determine the best direction to take the case. As trained medical providers our staff can even talk to you regarding your injuries and the treatments you are receiving.

A civil case is not just about receiving money for ones injuries. Civil cases exist as an attempt to put the victim back in the place they were before injured this includes physically as well as financially.