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Who can be held responsible for a truck accident?

When traveling down a Missouri highway, it would be unusual not to see a large commercial vehicle. These trucks provide important services throughout the state — everything from hauling construction materials and food to exporting goods is done by commercial vehicles. Many times, however, these commercial vehicles can make other drivers nervous. People are well aware of the dangers created by these large trucks.

When a truck accident occurs, people may be left with large financial challenges. They may be looking for compensation for these injuries and not know where to turn. People may ask — who can be held responsible for truck accidents in Missouri.

There are a couple of different sources that could be held responsible for a truck accident. One is the truck driver. If the driver was negligent while operating the truck, that driver could be held responsible for the accident. Negligent behavior could include driving while intoxicated, driving while distracted or speeding. Failing to abide by federal safety regulations — including getting the minimum amounts of rest — can also be considered negligent on the part of the driver.

However, the driver is not the only party that could be responsible for an accident. The truck company could also be held responsible if the driver was an employee of the company. In these cases, negligent conduct could include negligently hiring the driver, negligently maintaining the vehicle or ignoring other safety standards. In these cases, some degree of control over the driver is necessary in order for the company to be held liable.

In some cases, the manufactures of the materials being carried in the truck can also be held liable for the accident. However, these cases are rarer.

Specific legal advice, which this blog post cannot provide, is necessary to determine who can be held liable for a specific truck accident. Truck accident victims should speak to an attorney to determine if multiple parties can be held liable for damages.

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