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Dangers of truck driver fatigue

Truck drivers have a huge responsibly. Not only are they responsible for shipping goods from one area to another but also they must do so safely. Truck drivers are behind the wheel of large and dangerous machines. Even simple mistakes can cause serious injuries if a truck accident were to occur. As a result, truck drivers need to be extremely careful when driving. As mentioned in a previous blog post, drivers must avoid distractions, like talking on a cell phone or texting, in order to minimize the risk of accidents.

Another thing that truck drivers need to avoid is excessive fatigue. Truck drivers are often pressured to quickly deliver their goods. They are often paid in such a way to encourage driving long hours and skipping rest. However, this practice is very dangerous. Truck driver fatigue is a common cause of serious truck accidents.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, most truck accidents have a critical reason that can be blamed for causing the truck accident. The “critical reason” is what set the accident in motion. In one study, the FMCSA examined the critical reasons for truck accidents. This study showed that driver non-performance, often caused by a driver fall asleep at the wheel, was to blame for 12 percent accidents that caused injuries or fatalities.

In addition to the critical reason for accidents, in the study conducted by the FMCSA, associated factors for the accident were also considered. Associated factors are other things that could contribute to a serious truck accident. This study found that driver fatigue was one of the top 10 most cited associated factors in serious truck accidents.

When tired truck drivers cause accidents, accident victims may have legal rights. With the right help, people might be able to show that the truck driver was acting negligently by driving on too little sleep. An attorney can help people in this situation.