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Do not let a Missouri car defect ruin your future

When Missourians get behind the wheel of a car, they often expect that other drivers can cause serious injuries. People know that there are many negligent drivers on Missouri’s highways and roads. As a result, many people try their best to drive defensively to protect their family from harm.

However, these same people may not even realize that they could face danger from their own car. Many cars are riddled with issues that can cause serious car accidents without another car’s involvement. Often, these issues are the result of an auto part defect.

In these cases, negligent manufacturers have allowed a dangerous car to reach the market. In an accident, these cars can cause further damage to the car’s occupants. In some situations, these defective cars cause the accidents by themselves.

If people have been injured by a car defect, they may feel completely taken off guard. If another driver caused the accident, people have a clearer understanding of who is responsible. Nonetheless, with a defect, people may not know who caused the issue — was it the car’s manufacturer, the manufacturer of a specific part, the car dealership or some other party? An attorney can help people find the underlying cause of these issues and more. By understanding who is responsible, people can take action to get the compensation they need.

The attorneys at Carter Law Offices our skilled at handling auto part defect cases. We understand how devastating these accidents can be and how to maximize a legal claim. Whether a defective seat belt, air bag, tire or other car part causes a person’s injuries, our legal team can help hold negligent manufacturers responsible. This allows victims to focus on their recovery and move forward from the incident.

Since 1996, our firm has worked to protect Missouri residents from the actions of negligent parties. For more information on how we can help those injured by negligent car manufacturers, please see our car defect webpage.