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A motorcycle accident shouldn’t ruin your financial future

Some people ride motorcycles as a hobby, while others use a motorcycle as their primary source of transportation. In either case, these motorcyclists deserve to be safe on Missouri roads. Motorcycles have just as much of a right to use the roadways as any other vehicle. And the safety of a rider should be taken very seriously, especially since a motorcycle accident can have such deadly consequences.

In some cases, riders can take proactive steps to keep themselves as safe as possible. This can include driving defensively, wearing the proper safety equipment, following traffic laws and avoiding inclement weather. However, sometimes much of a motorcyclist’s safety lies in the hands of other drivers.

Other drivers need to be aware of motorcyclists, they need to check their blind spots, and they need to avoid evasive action. At intersections and in turn lanes, drivers need to respect a motorcycle’s right of way. They also need to avoid reckless driving, sleepy driving and driving under the influence. Drivers also need to keep their attention on the road, and not be distracted by outside stimuli. Sadly, this often doesn’t happen and motorcyclists pay the price, possibly suffering serious injuries as a result.

When a motorcycle accident occurs, the motorcyclist can be left in a financial bind. He or she may be unable to work, but face large medical bills, or need long-term care but lack the financial resources to pay for it.

In these circumstances, experienced attorneys, like those at Carter Law Offices, have previously helped motorcyclists understand their options for financial recovery. We have helped attempt to ensure that a negligent driver is held accountable for that person’s actions by bringing a personal injury suit. These suits have helped motorcyclists obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and more in the past .

Our compassionate attorneys know exactly how important this compensation can be in a person’s time of need. We have handled these cases for decades and understand the complex issues at play. While people focused on their own physical recovery, our attorneys have worked hard to ensure a financial recovery as well. Our motorcycle accident webpage has more information regarding such incidents.