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Common causes of motorcycle accidents

In the warmer weather months, motorcycles are a common sight on Missouri roadways. These fun, small and fuel efficient vehicles have a lot to offer. People not only love the thrill of the ride, but also the economic advantages of these smaller vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcycles come with a lot of risk. In a motorcycle accident, people can suffer serious injuries or death. Motorcycles offer very little protection and even minor accidents can be a huge problem.

Therefore, motorcyclists often need to take their safety into their own hands. By understanding common causes of motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists can work to avoid them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are several common causes of motorcycle accidents.

One, accidents are caused by inexperienced drivers. If a motorcyclists lacks basic riding skills, accidents are more likely to occur. This includes knowing the limitations of the motorcycle and mastering breaking and cornering skills. These are not the same skills necessary to drive a car, and, therefore, special care must be taken to learn these skills. Motorcyclists must also understand what equipment is necessary to ride safely, including how to choose the right bike and helmet. Two, motorcyclists must obey traffic rules to avoid accidents. Speeding, for example, is a frequent cause of motorcycle accidents.

Three, motorcycle accidents are caused when drivers are not driving defensively. Motorcyclists must be on the lookout for other drivers. Drivers frequently misjudge motorcyclists’ location or ignore them altogether. By staying alert, riders may be able to avoid an accident.

If a motorcycle accident is unavoidable, an attorney may be able to help. Accident victims may have legal rights if the accident was caused by a negligent driver.