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How is insurance handled after a car accident?

For those who have been involved in a car accident, there can be a lot of initial shock and trauma. They may have to deal with serious injuries, property damage, police reports and mechanics. On top of all that, they may also have to contact their insurance company or deal with another person’s insurance company. Insurance hassles can sometimes become a burden and a source of stress as people try to heal from the damages caused by the car accident.

Therefore, people should be aware of how to handle an insurance company following an accident. Of course, this blog can only provide general information about insurance companies. For more specific information and advice, people should contact an attorney.

Generally, however, your insurance company should be contacted as soon as possible following an accident. Detailed records of all conversations with the insurance company should be kept and the policy should be reviewed to know what coverage should be following an accident. People should also keep records for any and all expenses related to the accident including lodging, meals and other accommodations people need while recovering from an injury.

People should also know that they should not give written or recorded statements to an insurance company until the policy has been reviewed. By doing so, people may be limiting their chances to recover. They should also avoid accepting any compensation marked “final” or signing any releases or waivers until absolutely sure.

There are often strict time lines that need to be followed in order to make insurance claims. People often need to speak with an attorney in order to fully understand how to interact with an insurance company. An attorney can help to protect your rights to make sure an insurance company does not try to take advantage of the situation.