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School bus safety measures

When parents put their children on school buses, they expect that their children will get to and from school safely. And, often this is the case. School buses are equipped with a variety of safety measures that help to prevent school bus accidents and injuries.

These measures, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, include a fleet of busses that are better built and maintained than ever before. These busses includes reinforced sides and crush standards. They are built to specific height and weight requirements. They are painted a bright color to make them easy to spot.

The buses also have flashing red lights to help other drivers notice them. And, the buses have cross-view mirrors to help the driver notice others.

School bus drivers are also specially equipped to drive the bus. They receive special training in security and safety procedures. They participate in random alcohol and drug testing. Bus drivers are also taught how to deal with medical emergencies and student behavioral issues. They are also required to have frequent checks of their driving records.

Despite all these safety measures, school bus accidents still occur in Missouri. Like other mass transit accidents, school bus accidents have the potential to cause serious and life threatening injuries.

When these accidents occur, parents need to know that bus drivers, school districts and bus companies did everything they could to keep their loved ones safe. In many cases, negligence was a factor in causing the accident. An attorney is often necessary in these situations to ensure that victims and their families are protected following a mass transit accident.