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Know how to respond if a car defect causes injury

Many Missouri residents know that there is the risk of a car accident when driving in a vehicle. People may believe that negligent drivers, road hazards and other unexpected circumstances can cause a wreck. However, many people may not realize that the danger often comes from within a person’s car. Auto part defects and failures are more common than people may realize.

Defective car parts, such as tires, airbags and seatbelts, can cause serious, and even fatal, injuries to people within the car. Sadly, these defects are often due to manufacturing errors or design errors caused by car manufacturers. In many cases, car companies fail to take proper precautions to protect consumers from the deadly defects. Sometimes these manufacturers are downright negligent.

It can be confusing for Missouri consumers when their own cars cause them injury. People may not know where to turn when an auto part defect results in financial damages. The attorneys at The Carter Law Firm, however, do know where to start in these types of cases. For more than 30 years, our dedicated professionals have worked to manage auto product liability cases.

Not only do our attorneys understand the legal aspects of the case, but we have worked with a team of other professionals in order to make sure a person is put on the road to recovery. Our team has included chiropractors, nurses and others who can make sure people receive the medical care they need. This is in addition to the financial compensation they deserve. For more information about our law firm and how we have helped victims of manufacturing or design defects, please see our auto product defect webpage.