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Should motorcyclists ride when it’s wet?

People choose to get around Missouri in a variety of different ways. Many don’t give much thought to their modes of transportation. For others, though, it’s important to think about how they will get around during certain times of the year. This is a specific concern for motorcyclists, who often have to think about additional concerns while riding their motorcycles.

While in the summer, the warm dry weather may make it ideal for riding, other times of the year can be more dangerous. In the autumn, for example, the state becomes cooler and wetter, which could potentially create hazards for anyone on the roadways. Those who choose to ride a motorcycle may be wondering whether not they should ride in the rain.

Safety experts say that rain does not need to stop motorcyclists from enjoying Missouri roadways. However, there are specific safety concerns that motorcyclists should be aware of. First, people should know that the first 15 minutes of a rainstorm are the most dangerous for motorcyclists on the road. As the water mixes with oil, gas and other chemicals on the roadway, the road can get rather slippery. This time should be avoided.

Additionally, motorcyclists should slow down during the rain. This gives them enough time to react and will make it easier for them to stop the motorcycle in case of emergency. Also, motorcyclists can stay safer in the rain by avoiding solid and shiny surfaces, like railroad tracks and manhole covers.

Motorcyclists should also have the proper safety equipment while riding in wet conditions. This includes a full face helmet and high-quality rain gear.

Even when the proper precautions are taken on behalf of the motorcyclists, people can be faced with dangers on Missouri roads. In many cases, a negligent driver is responsible for a motorcycle accident. In these cases, motorcycle drivers may be entitled to compensation from the negligent party. An attorney may be able to help people determine whether or not they are entitled to legal relief following a motorcycle accident.