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Can someone sexually harass you without touching you?

Sexual harassment is something that no one should ever have to experience, and the workplace is no exception. Sexual harassment can take many different forms and may even occur without a victim or the victimizer realizing it.

Harassment can come from colleagues and even workplace executives, and someone can harass another person without touching them or even being in the same room as them. Here are several ways someone can sexually harass another person in the workplace without ever touching the victim:

Quid pro quo

The term “quid pro quo” refers to a situation where one person grants another person a favor or advantage in exchange for something. While this could explain many different types of deals or trades, the phrase now commonly refers to sexual harassment. When a person in power at a workplace offers a raise, promotion, or other job benefits in exchange for sexual favors, they are committing sexual harassment.

Unwanted “kindness”

A harasser may consider their constant gifts, compliments toward someone’s appearance or figure, or offers for hugs or massages as a king gesture, but this is not always the case. If the recipient of this affection does not want it and clarifies that they do not want that affection, any continued advances can be harassment.

Sexual comments or discussion

When an employee decides to talk to other employees about someone else in a sexual manner, it can be sexual harassment. Making sexual jokes or sending sexual messages to a person is also harassment. Sexual harassment can happen even without talking about another person. Openly discussing your own sex life or preferences can be a form of harassment.

Did you suffer sexual harassment?

If you believe that you experienced sexual harassment in your workplace or you want to find out whether or not you did, contact a lawyer immediately. Let an experienced attorney review your situation and determine if you suffered sexual harassment and what you can do to stop it from happening again.