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6 anti-discrimination policy tips for small Missouri businesses

Building a successful small business is a dream many Kansas City, Missouri residents share. If this describes you, it is safe to assume that you have put a lot of effort and care into your business. You probably want to avoid anything that could result in a hardship, especially a legal hardship.

Unfortunately, most small business owners make one critical mistake when they start a company and throughout their business’s growth. They fail to prioritize Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliance. The EEOC regulates and enforces employment law in all American locations.

Why does EEOC compliance matter?

The top reason it matters is that compliance protects employees from discrimination and other forms of mistreatment. The good news is the EEOC wants to help you make your business compliant. The commission publishes valuable tips and information all business owners can use to strengthen anti-discrimination policies. Below, you will find six tips to fortify your policies right away:

  1. State in clear terms that you will not tolerate discrimination in any form.
  2. Explain how victims of employment discrimination can report mistreatment to you.
  3. Describe what consequences those who engage in discrimination can expect to face.
  4. Explain that there will never be any retaliation against workers that report employment discrimination.
  5. Describe how you will investigate all reports of discrimination.
  6. Reassure your workers that you will preserve their confidentiality as well as possible when reporting discrimination or participating in an investigation.

In addition to protecting your workers, solid employment discrimination policies help you avoid claims of workplace discrimination. If you want additional guidance in strengthening your anti-discrimination policies, consider reaching out for legal counsel. An experienced law firm can ensure your policies contain easy-to-understand details about this and other aspects of working for your business.