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How prevalent is nursing home abuse?

The decision to place your aging parent or guardian in a nursing home is not an easy one. However, it may be the best move since you may not be there to assist or care for them round the clock.

Unfortunately, they may end up facing abuse in the very facilities meant to provide a haven and care for them. Nursing home abuse is a worrying reality affecting the elderly at their most vulnerable when they can’t speak up for themselves.

Forms of elderly abuse

Nursing home abuse does not have to be physical. It can take many forms, including:

  • Neglecting the needs of the residents
  • Financial abuse, where caretakers take advantage of the elderly and steal from them
  • Emotional abuse
  • Misuse of restraints, among others

Either form of abuse can affect their mental or physical health, which is why you need to take any occurrence seriously.

Look out for signs of abuse

Do not expect your loved one to report such abuse directly. They may not be in a position to inform you owing to medical conditions or intimidation. Therefore, you need to look out for signs of abuse yourself. They may include a sudden change in behavior like withdrawal, malnutrition, or even physical signs like unexplained injuries, which could point to abuse.

Dealing with nursing home abuse

The nursing facility owes your loved one a duty of care, and any form of abuse is a breach of such obligation. If your parent or guardian is a victim, you need to act swiftly and decisively to get them the justice they deserve. Your actions should be aimed at protecting your loved one’s legal rights and making sure that their health and well-being are not at stake.

After all, they should be most comfortable in their sunset years, and it’s up to you to ascertain that.