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How age discrimination can hurt your career

When a worker reaches the age of 40, they may start to notice ways in which their age affects their employment. Older employees can be highly beneficial to the organizations where they work. They often have the personal connections and hands-on experience that younger employees often lack.

Unfortunately, many workers will experience age discrimination. Thousands of older workers every year file claims with the federal government alleging that they face discrimination by their employer because they’re over the age of 40.

What are two of the most noticeable ways age discrimination will affect your career?

A reduction in job opportunities

You may already know from personal experience how it can be an uphill battle to find a job with a new company when you are over 40. Many managers and Human Resources professionals have a bias toward hiring younger workers.

Even within the company where you already work, your age can affect your advancement opportunities. You may find yourself no longer in the running for big promotions or denied access to the most exciting projects the company handles because of your age.

Mistreatment from co-workers

While discrimination that denies an opportunity is frustrating, a hostile work environment can take a massive toll on your mental health. If your co-workers treat you with a lack of respect or make jokes at your expense because of your age, they can create a hostile work environment that affects your job performance.

You should not have to endure jokes about your inability to use a computer or a supervisor repeatedly passing you over for promotions for less-qualified, younger candidates. Fighting back when you experience age discrimination at work will help protect you and other mature employees at the company.