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Can bedsores be cured?

Pressure ulcers, which are better known as bed sores, are a type of painful skin condition that many people with mobility issues experience. While they can happen to anyone of any age, bedsores are extremely common in seniors. 

In many cases, bedsores occur in cases of nursing home abuse and neglect. Because these can turn into serious medical conditions, there are some options to treat and cure them

Tips for treating and curing bedsores

If someone is dealing with bed sores, one of the most important things to do is to relieve pressure on the affected area. To do this, the patient needs to be rotated every two hours. In addition:

  • It’s also a good idea to use specialty mattresses to protect the skin from excessive pressure.
  • Make sure to clean and dress the sores properly to keep them from getting infected.
  • It’s also necessary to use products that will provide a moisture barrier over the wound. This will help keep the wound from getting worse.
  • The patient should have a high-protein diet. Protein is extremely effective in repairing tissue and can help with wound recovery.
  • If treated promptly, bed sores may be able to heal. If not, the condition will only worsen and can end in death.

Dealing with cases of nursing home abuse or neglect

If you believe your loved one has suffered bed sores because of neglect or abuse at a nursing home, take action immediately. It is possible to hold the at-fault party liable for these situations. This can help you recoup some compensation for the person’s pain and suffering and help reduce the likelihood that the same issue will happen to someone else. Legal guidance can help.