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Can you heal from sexual harassment at work?

Inappropriate behavior in the workplace may be considered sexual harassment. According to the Department of Labor & Industrial Relations of Missouri, sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advances like touching and requests for sexual favors (quid pro quo). Verbal and physical conducts of sexual nature also constitute harassment.

If you have experienced any form of sexual harassment in your workplace, it will help to report it to your seniors. Employers are required to have policies for employees to report such cases. Your employer should then follow set procedures to protect your rights.

But can you heal from such an incident? Here are two tips to consider.

1. Accept that you are not at fault.

It is hurtful to experience sexual harassment. Thus, it may help to accept that it happened and realize that you did nothing to encourage such behavior. The perpetrator committed the action despite being aware of it being inappropriate. Making excuses for them can have significant effects on your mental health. 

2. Talk to someone about your feelings.

Acceptance is the first step. It won’t get rid of your feelings immediately. Thus, you may talk to someone like a therapist or join a support group. On these platforms, you will express how you feel and can participate in activities to help you let go of the pain. 

Further, you can find online pages that provide helpful resources. This may help you regain your sense of security. 

Life after sexual harassment at work may be challenging, but it is possible to reclaim your confidence and trust. With practical tips and professional help, you can achieve this. Besides, it helps to get justice. Thus, reporting to the Human Resources department can protect your rights. However, if you don’t get a substantial solution internally or one of your bosses is the perpetrator, consider external guidance to determine the proper move to make.