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Can persistent workplace discrimination harm your mental health?

For most people, having a job means the difference between surviving independently and needing outside help. That means they cannot usually quit their jobs without other prospects, even if workplace discrimination is an issue.

Suffering through employment discrimination due to age, race or any reason can damage your mental health, often resulting in depression. Over time, this can impact your enjoyment of life and perhaps your physical condition.

Low self-worth and confidence

Sometimes, ongoing exposure to discrimination and its close relative harassment causes victims to devalue themselves. After a while, you might almost begin to believe what others at work say about you or to you. Low self-worth and lack of confidence are tough mental barriers to overcome and can impact your personal life and job.

Chronic anxiety and stress

Discontent in the workplace, particularly involving discrimination or harassment, makes your work environment hostile. When you must live with constant anxiety about what you might face each day, it ramps up your stress level. Soon, effects like high blood pressure and insomnia begin to plague you.

Risky self-medicating

Many discrimination victims deal with workplace problems by drinking or taking drugs during their off hours. While it might make you feel better in the moment, overuse often leads to chemical or alcohol dependence. Addiction piled on top of your other problems will likely worsen your overall circumstances.

Find a remedy

You need not stand back and accept discrimination, and you do not have to quit your job to end the mistreatment. Federal and state laws exist to help those suffering from discrimination in the workplace find a solution. A good way to start is to increase your knowledge of employment discrimination remedies available in Missouri.