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Speed, failure to stop contributing factors in Kansas City crash

There are many reasons that motor vehicle accidents occur throughout the state of Missouri. It is not uncommon for multiple things to result in one vehicle colliding with another. Sometimes the weather conditions play a role. In other cases the condition of the road is relevant. Most of the time however, the actions of the person behind the wheel has a bearing on it happening.

The behaviors of the person driving a car can go a long way to keeping roads safe. In our last post we focused on driver distraction as a catalyst for car accidents. Another behavior that can be dangerous has been around a lot longer-speeding. It is believed to have played a role in a two-car accident that occurred earlier this month in Kansas City.

The early morning automobile accident apparently occurred when a vehicle that was travelling at a rate of speed higher than posted for the area, failed to stop at an intersection with a stop sign. After the cars collided one of them continued on and crashed into a building. This apparently caused damage to the building.

In addition to property damage, those involved in the incident were apparently hurt as well. Though the nature and severity of their injuries is not known, as is the case in any accident involving motor vehicles, it is possible that the injuries were serious. Because this could result in a long period of recovery and extensive medical bills, it is possible that a personal injury lawsuit will be filed regarding the matter.

Car manufactures have taken many steps to make driving automobiles safer which has gone a long way to minimize and prevent fatalities when car accidents do occur. The reality however is that air bags and other safety features are only helpful after a car crash happens. It is the responsibility of drivers on the road to do what they can to prevent motor vehicle accidents. One of these things is to drive the posted speed.

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