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Premises Liability: Slip-And-Fall Injuries

Did you fracture bones, badly injure your back or suffer other serious injury because of a property owner’s negligence? Did you slip and fall due to unsafe property conditions?

The premises liability attorneys of the Carter Law Offices have routinely held owners accountable for full damages in premises liability and slip-and-fall cases. We invite you to call 816-283-3500 for a free case evaluation by our experienced legal team. With a registered nurse and a doctor of chiropractic on staff, we can quickly determine if you have grounds to bring a claim. With accomplished trial lawyer Doug Carter, you will have an aggressive and compassionate advocate to press for maximum compensation.

Actively Pursuing Your Premises Liability Claim

Carter Law Offices has successfully prosecuted claims for injuries at grocery stores, shopping centers, hospitals, apartment buildings, parking lots and private residences. We take cases across the Kansas City metro area, practicing in both Missouri and Kansas.

We investigate quickly to preserve evidence that shows the property owner knew or should have known of safety hazards, and failed to fix them or erect safety barriers or signs. Examples of dangerous property conditions that may warrant a premises liability claim include:

  • Wet floors (spills, leaking coolers, recently mopped)
  • Uneven surfaces (heaved sidewalks, unexpected rises or drop-offs)
  • Broken railings, stairs or doors
  • Swimming pools

We take photos, document witness statements, retrieve security camera footage, and take depositions of employees, managers or former employees. We also check for code violations, nonpermitted construction and design defects, and similar premises liability claims against the property owner.

Slip-and-Fall Injuries

Many people feel reluctant to file a personal injury claim after they have suffered a slip-and-fall accident. It is important to take these accidents seriously, however, because injuries from a slip-and-fall incident can be severe, and the full extent of the damage is not always immediately clear. It is important to take notes and photograph the scene after a falling accident, even if you are unsure whether you will file a personal injury claim.

Improperly Designed Ramps and Thresholds

Businesses have a duty to ensure that ramps and thresholds are designed and maintained. This includes restaurants, malls, grocery stores, convenience stores, hotels and movie theatres. After years of wear and tear, a ramp can become damaged and not function properly. For disabled or injured individuals in need of those ramps, improper design or failure to maintain the ramp can cause serious injuries. Injuries from improperly designed ramps and thresholds may include:

  • Broken bones
  • Ankle and knee injuries
  • Bruising and scarring
  • Internal or soft tissue damage

Contact a Slip-and-Fall Lawyer in Missouri

You should not have to watch for safety hazards in publicly accessible places. If you have suffered an injury, find out if you have a good case. For a free consultation, contact our Kansas City, Missouri, law firm at 816-283-3500. We take no attorney fees unless we secure compensation on your behalf.