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Medical Malpractice Attorney In Kansas City

Patients are in a vulnerable position, trusting that the doctors and nurses know what they’re doing and are paying close attention. The outcomes can be devastating when physicians or hospital staff fail in their duty to patients.

The medical malpractice attorneys at Carter Law Offices hold medical providers accountable for negligence causing serious injury, illness or death. We have secured dozens of settlements and jury verdicts for clients in the greater Kansas City area (Missouri and Kansas). Call a medical malpractice attorney at 816-283-3500 for a free case evaluation.

Medical Negligence Takes Many Forms

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways in which someone can be injured in a hospital setting, including:

  • Medication errors — Doctors and nurses have a responsibility to administer the correct drug in the correct amounts. All too often, however, disorganized or careless medical professionals provide the wrong drug or dosage. Medication errors can lead to medical complications and extended hospitalization.
  • Birth injury (including cerebral palsy) — Improper delivery procedures can lead to a lifetime of disability for an infant child. If your child suffered an injury during birth, our attorneys can help you claim the compensation you need for the child’s ongoing care.
  • Hospital falls — Many of our cases have involved clients weakened by surgery, illness or medication who suffered injury in hospital falling accidents. We proved that staff failed to assess patients’ fall risk and protect and monitor them accordingly.
  • Diagnosis errors — Doctors can’t always discover what ails us. But they are accountable when they miss telltale signs or fail to order follow-up tests, resulting in (a) failure to diagnose cancer or serious illness or (b) misdiagnosis and unnecessary or harmful treatment.
  • Surgical errors — Common surgical errors include botched procedures, leaving equipment in the patient, anesthesia mistakes and performing the wrong operation. Failure to monitor the patient after surgery is another significant hazard: those who are not properly supervised can suffer from sepsis, nerve damage, internal bleeding, heart attack, stroke or death.
  • Emergency room negligence — When a patient enters the emergency room with a life-threatening condition, doctors and nurses need to act quickly to provide the proper treatment. All too often, however, patients are not diagnosed properly or quickly enough, leading to serious illness or death. This is especially common when patients are prematurely discharged or “parked” for long periods of time.

Medical Malpractice Litigation — Identifying the Breach of Trust

Carter Law Offices has successfully sued Research Medical Center, St. Luke’s Hospital, Truman Medical Center-Lakewood and other facilities and individual doctors across the Kansas City area. Our track record is the result of thoroughly documented claims that illustrate how providers deviated from the standard of care.

Our malpractice team knows what documents to look for and what questions to ask in hospital negligence and foot drop cases. Trial lawyer Doug Carter has practiced in plaintiff litigation since 1996, and he brings valuable insights from his prior career in personal injury defense work. Our on-staff registered nurse can quickly evaluate claims to determine if clients have grounds to sue. Our staff nurse helps review medical records, get the lawsuit certified and locate testifying medical experts.

Contact A Medical Negligence Lawyer In Independence

When it comes to health care, there is little margin for error and no room for negligence or carelessness. And yet, medical malpractice occurs on a daily basis. If you or a loved one was a victim, contact Carter Law Offices today for a free case evaluation. Like a good doctor, we make house calls and hospital visits. To schedule a consultation, call 816-283-3500.