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Mass Transit Accidents In Kansas City

A man in a wheelchair was seriously injured when the bus he was riding let him off near a steep incline. At the Carter Law Offices, our Kansas City mass transit accident attorneys were able to hold the inattentive driver accountable for the harm the passenger experienced.

A man was sitting comfortably on a bus. Moments later he had serious head injuries. The bus driver had noticed an aggressive driver alongside the bus but didn’t let the other driver pass. When the bus then screeched to a halt, the Carter Law Offices held both drivers accountable.

Skilled Representation For Accident Victims

Our law firm in Kansas City, Missouri, is dedicated to taking effective and aggressive legal action on behalf of personal injury victims and their families. Since our firm was founded in 1996, we have focused on one thing: doing the right thing for folks. For us, doing the right thing means standing up for injury victims in court. And it means standing by their sides until matters are resolved favorably.

We represent people who have been hurt in many different kinds of mass transit accidents:

  • Bus accidents: Bus accidents occur for many different reasons. Sometimes the fault is the drivers. Other times, the bus company’s negligence or a mechanical defect may be to blame. We take these cases seriously and are here to help.
  • Railway accidents: Because of the high speed of train travel, railway accidents can be especially serious. We have the resources necessary to effectively represent railway accident victims.
  • Aviation accidents: When aviation accidents occur, it can seem as if nothing will ever be the same. At the Carter Law Offices, we understand what you are going through. In fact, Mr. Carter is himself a pilot. We offer our support and guidance.

An Experienced Legal Team

One thing that sets us apart from the rest is our ability to go to trial. Our experienced legal team includes a knowledgeable lawyer, a registered nurse and a doctor of chiropractic. We also work with highly-qualified accident reconstruction experts who can help us discover the true cause of a mass transit accident through thorough and complete investigation.

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Our law firm is dedicated to helping injured victims claim the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been injured in a bus or other mass transit accident, make that phone call. Contact the Carter Law Offices at 816-283-3500. You may also contact us online. Your first consultation is, of course, free.