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3 children injured when car crashes into child care center

Each day, many parents throughout Kansas City drop their children at day care facilities so they can go to work. In many cases, parents struggle with their decision to do so. In addition to being sad about being away from their children, there is often a worry that their child will be injured in some way while not in their custody. While there are many things they may worry about, it is likely fair to say that few worry about their child being injured by a car hitting the center. Despite this, strange accidents like this do occur. Late last month four individuals were hurt when this very thing happened.

According to authorities, the car was pushed into one of the walls of the child care center when it was struck by a SUV. At the time of the afternoon incident, there were a total of 40 children being cared for at the facility. The vehicle left a hole in the building and trapped two of those children. Another child, as well as an adult, were also hurt in the crash. The nature and extent of their injuries is currently not known.

It is possible that the parities injured in the car accident could decide to seek damages for their injuries via a personal injury lawsuit. When this type of civil lawsuit is filed, if successful, it could lead to financial damages that could help pay for expenses related to the incident. This could ease a great burden for those facing such payments.


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