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Children hurt in Kansas City car crash

All car accidents that result in injuries to those involved are upsetting. This is particularly true however when the injured individuals include children. Such crashes can result in serious injuries and in the worst cases even lead to death.

Three children were involved in a crash earlier this month in Kansas City, Missouri. Also injured in the car accident were four adults. All seven were taken to hospitals in the area for treatment. At least one of those individuals, a woman driving one of the other cars involved, was said to have suffered injuries that are life-threatening.

The incident occurred in the morning and involved a total of four vehicles. The accident, which was described as a chain reaction, appears to have started when a SUV transporting three kids and two adults crossed the center line. When it did so, it collided with at least one other car and led to collisions with the other vehicles.

Police believe that the woman behind the wheel of the SUV may have experienced a medical event that caused her to lose control of the vehicle. They speculate that she may have suffered a seizure due to her diabetes.

The first priority for those injured in the incident is undoubtedly to recover from their injuries. It is possible that once those issues are under control, people may decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against parties that may have acted in a negligent manner. These lawsuits can be complicated so the sooner the injured parties take action, the better.

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