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Crash with Missouri school bus claims lives of 2

The sudden loss of a loved one is often difficult to handle. When the loss is due to a fatal motor vehicle accident, those left behind may not know how to respond or what steps to take. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash it is possible that they will file a wrongful death lawsuit against those responsible for the incident. Sadly a fatal accident occurred earlier this week in a community located outside of Kansas City.

The crash, which involved both a minivan as well as a school bus, took place on Highway 50 near northwest 271 Road. According to Missouri Highway Patrol, the incident occurred as the bus tried to turn off Highway 50. As the driver of the bus attempted to execute the turn, much smaller minivan rear ended it. As a result of the crash the minivan caught on fire.

At the time of the collision the bus was full. In addition to the driver there were a total of 50 students on board. Though thankfully none of them were seriously injured in the wreck, the same cannot be said for the occupants of the minivan. Two individuals who were in that automobile were killed in the crash. Their injuries were so severe that they did not survive long enough to make it to the hospital. A total of 12 students were transported to area hospitals.

Just what caused the minivan to strike the bus is unclear. An investigation commenced into the matter determined that at the time of the collision the bus driver had activated the vehicle’s turn signal. Depending on what is uncovered as the investigation progresses, it will become clear whether a wrongful death lawsuit is appropriate.

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