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Missouri truck accident involves six vehicles and injures six

Trucks are a necessary and vital part of interstate commerce, but they also create considerable hazards on Missouri roadways. There are many different causes of truck accidents including inattention, fatigue, equipment failure and much more. Unfortunately, the damage and injury caused by a tractor-trailer crash is often more severe than in crashes where a semi-truck is not involved.

On a recent Wednesday morning, two tractor-trailer rigs and four other vehicles were involved in a crash in Frontenac, Missouri that sent six people to the hospital. The accident occurred when one of the tractor-trailers ran into the back of three other vehicles at a red stoplight. That initial collision pushed one of the vehicles into the back of the other truck. Although neither of the drivers of the trucks suffered injury, the driver of the car pushed into the truck and two of her passengers had to be hospitalized, along with two other drivers and one other passenger from other vehicles involved in the collision.

Truck accidents are somewhat different from other vehicle accidents because there are often more people involved who may be held liable for the damages caused and injuries suffered. When truck drivers are employed by a trucking company and a tractor-trailer crash occurs, questions may surface about the responsibilities of the company and the extent to which it satisfied its legal obligations. Trucking companies that employ drivers and provide trucks are often responsible for ensuring that their drivers are properly trained, that they follow safety and traffic rules and that the trucks are well-maintained and in good operating condition.

If a person injured in a truck crash decides to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, it is important to investigate fully and collect as much evidence as possible in order to prove liability. Although the report from the police investigation will be helpful, it is likely not sufficient on its own. An attorney can often help plaintiffs uncover additional evidence that may prove negligence or recklessness on the part of the truck driver, the trucking company or other involved third parties.

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