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SUV driver dies in collision with school bus

Car accident investigations have come a long way in recent years. Investigators are now able to recreate crashes in not only the physical world but the virtual world as well. Computer programs and equations can now reveal how fast a person was travelling, if they used their breaks and a host of other enlightening information. While this may do little to sooth the pain of victims and their loved ones, it could help determine fault and may even be able to help prevent future accidents.

A bus driver and the students he was driving are recovering after being involved in a head-on collision with a SUV. The bus accident took place as the driver was transporting the children home from their summer program. A 2004 Ford Explorer crossed the centerline and hit the bus full of children head-on.

The driver of the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene while the bus driver and several children were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Two dogs were recovered uninjured from the SUV. Police are still investigating the accident and are researching whether or not the rain played a part in the accident.

Some accidents aren’t caused by driver error, intoxication or negligence and the cause can only be determined through a thorough investigation. Reports from police investigations as well as those from privately hired experts can both be used in a civil court to help prove liability. These types of reports can play a major role in civil cases and can be the determining factor between a party being able to recover for their injuries or being found 51 percent liable and unable to recover.

Accidents and their effects are often more complicated than a negligent driver and those that they injury. Determining what happened can be just as important for the family of the defendant as it is for the plaintiff. If a driver is found liable, they could have civil suits filed against them by the injured parties and the loved ones of the deceased. This could help them recover compensation, which could be used to cover expenses associated with the accident.

Those affected by a serious collision should understand their options, especially whether a cause of action is available to them. Understanding the procedures and steps required could also assist them in the decision-making process.

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