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Kansas City teen killed in accident with postal truck.

Every year, tens of thousands of people die while traveling in cars. This number isn’t likely to decrease any time soon, as technology is increasingly being used as a distraction during a time when focus is essential. When people lose sight of how to properly drive, the risk for injury increases, creating a chance for the worst to happen. Those who make a living on the road need to be extra vigilant, as they have an increased chance of being involved in an accident.

A family is in mourning following the Saturday death of a 13-year-old on his way to a football game. The young man was riding in the car with his step-dad, a friend, and their two little brothers. While in an intersection, the four were struck by a Postal Service truck which may have failed to obey a stop sign. The boy was taken to the hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries. All others in the car suffered minor injuries, while the driver of the postal truck was unharmed. The investigation of the car accident continues.

Regardless of the reason, failing to obey a stop sign can be used in court to prove negligence. Violating traffic rules is just one way that a driver can breach the duty of care that he or she owes to all others when they sit behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Motor vehicles are dangerous even when operated properly, which is why there are so many laws governing their use. Remembering the rules of the road is very important, since something as simple as moving out of turn at a stop sign can lead to an accident.

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