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School bus strikes elderly man crossing street

Buses are ever present on streets and highways around the county. Whether they are taking a student home from school or a family across the country to see relatives, buses have the reputation of being a safe and fairly non-expensive form of transport. But like every other vehicle on the road buses are involved in accidents some of which are minor and others that have last consequences for those involved.

Three young children and an elderly man are in the hospital after an early morning bus accident involving a school bus. The elderly man was walking across the road as the bus was making a left hand turn. The bus hit the man leaving him in serious condition. Fortunately the man was well enough to speak to the paramedics even though he had suffered a serious head injury. Three of the middle school kids on the bus also hit their heads and were taken to a medical center for evaluation. Although speed doesn’t appear to have been a factor in the case police are still investigating to determine exactly what happened.

Witnesses of the accident reported that pedestrians, in the area, are known for walking into the streets without looking. Missouri follows a pure comparative negligence system. This means that a person can recover damages even if they are found to be 99 percent responsible for their own injuries. Instead of barring a person from recovery pure comparative negligence reduces any award by the percentage of fault one is found to have. So even if the man is found to have negligently entered the roadway he may still be able to recover damages for his injuries.

Anyone who sits down on a bus is putting their safety in the hands of another. It is up to the bus drivers to maintain the faith put in their abilities on a daily basis.

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