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Is Missouri road rage negligence?

Driving in Missouri can be one of the more frustrating tasks in any person’s day. A daily drive can expose a driver to anything from long waits in traffic to near collisions with other drivers. Most people are able to handle the stress of the roadways with little problem, while others fly into fits of road rage. Although statistics are hard to come by, road rage is a growing problem in the U.S. as more drivers take to the roadways.

The definition of road rage differs according to the state or agency defining it, but the Missouri driving manual defines it as, “An uncontrolled display of anger by the operator of a motor vehicle (usually in response to another driver’s actions), which can result in property damage or personal injury.”

In Missouri, road rage is a crime as show by the arrest of a Missouri mayor for his alleged incident of road rage. There are many actions that can be considered negligent that constitute road rage such as flashing headlights, bumping into another vehicle, tailgating, braking suddenly and cutting a driver off. These actions, even without the intent to cause an accident or harm, can land a person in a criminal and civil court.

When faced with an incident of road rage, it is best to avoid confrontation and the risks of escalating the situation as road rage incidents have led to serious injury and death in the past. If you or your property is damaged by an incident of road rage a civil lawsuit may be the best method to resolve this issue