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The universal helmet law

Missouri is a beautiful state. One way to enjoy the state’s beauty is by driving throughout the state. While a car can provide some enjoyment, for many people, a motorcycle provides the ultimate joyride. In addition to the exhilarating ride, motorcycles help riders save on gas and are generally economical to maintain.

These benefits of motorcycles, however, come at a cost — fewer safety features. Motorcycles do not provide the same level of safety offered to car passengers. Additionally, these vehicles are smaller than most motor vehicles, making them an easier target on the roadways.

While proper riding and attention by other drivers can help to reduce motorcycle accidents, it is important for riders to do everything they can to keep themselves safe. Helmets are one way to help reduce the number of injuries to motorcyclists.

The universal helmet law was mandated by the federal government in 1967. Under the universal helmet law, all motorcycle riders are required to wear helmets at all times. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, motorcycle helmet laws were eased in the mid-1970s. This gave states the ability to create partial laws that only required some riders to wear helmets.

In Missouri, the universal helmet law was enacted in 1967. Missouri is still one of 19 states that still requires motorcyclists to use helmets 100 percent of the time.

Despite helmet laws, motorcycle accidents still occur that result in injuries. In these cases an attorney can help motorcycle accident victims understand their legal rights. Compensation may be available if the accident was caused by driver negligence.