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When should car manufactures issue a recall?

Many people rely on their cars on a day-to-day basis. With such frequent use, it’s easy to forget that cars are complex pieces of equipment. A single part of a car can take a manufacturer years to develop. Part of the reason that people do not often think of cars as dangerous machines is because they are supposed to be safe for consumers. People expect that when they get into their cars that they are going to work correctly. Missouri residents might expect a car’s danger to come from other drivers; but, all too often, the danger comes from within the car.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 390 million cars, trucks and other motor vehicles have been subject to a recall since 1996. That year, the NHTSA was given the authority to recall unsafe vehicles under the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Many Missouri residents may wonder — under what circumstances should a car be recalled?

The NHTSA explains that there are two situations where a car recall is necessary. One, a car should be recalled when one part of the car does not comply with federal safety standards. Two, a car needs to be recalled when it has a safety-related defect.

A safety-related defect, according to the United States Code for Motor Vehicle Safety, is a problem with the vehicle that creates an unreasonable risk of accidents because of the way the car has been manufactured or designed. This defect generally must exist in a group of vehicles that have all been manufactured in the same way. Additionally, these safety-related defects often pose an unreasonable risk of injuries or death to people using the vehicles.

When a person is injured because of a car defect, the person may have legal rights. This post cannot provide specific legal advice for those who have been injured, however, an attorney may be able to provide more information for people in this situation.