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Take precautions to ensure a charter bus is safe

Not every Missouri resident travels using a personal car or truck. Many people rely on mass transit options to get from place to place. Whether it is a school bus, city bus or airline, public transportation is importation to many people. Safety is just as important to these individuals. People who use public forms of transportation need to ensure that they are safe to avoid injuries.

Mass transit accidents frequently occur on Missouri roadways. For example, one person was recently injured in Missouri when a charter bus left the roadway, as this blog post highlighted. Accidents, like this one, can happen at any time. Therefore, it is important for people to know how to keep themselves safe when using mass transit.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, when it comes to charter busses, in particular, there are ways for people to be as safe as possible. First, people should always make sure they have planned a safe route. This includes planning rests for the driver and planning enough time to make it to a particular destination.

Second, people should choose a safe driver. The FMCSA says that charter bus drivers should have valid Commercial Drivers Licenses and a safe driving record. These drivers may also need a medical exam to ensure that they are able to drive a bus.

Finally, people need to choose a safe company. This is a company that has been approved and registered with the Department of Transportation, has adequate insurance and is otherwise safe.

When mass transit accidents occur, people can suffer serious injuries. Even if precautions were taken, if a bus driver or company was negligent in causing an accident, injured passengers may have legal rights. People in this situation should speak with an attorney.