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Log truck safety in Missouri

Missouri is a beautiful state with many densely forested areas. While this makes the state a great place to live and visit, it also creates a unique hazard for Missouri residents and others on the road. This hazard comes from log trucks.

Log trucks are trucks that haul lumber from forested areas. There are three types of commercial log trucks. Depending on the specific truck type, the truck company and driver may be required to meet certain licensing and safety standards.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, the first type of log truck is a local log truck. These are commercial motor vehicles that do not exceed a haul of 25 cubic yards per two axles. They are commonly used to haul equipment and some forest products. However, these vehicles cannot travel more than 100 miles from a work site.

The second type of log truck is a local log truck tractor. These commercial vehicles cannot be used outside of the state of Missouri and cannot exceed a load of 44,800 pounds on a dual axle. These are only used to haul forest products. A local log truck tractor is also limited to a 100 mile travel radius from a work site.

The final type of log truck is just a log truck. These commercial vehicles have few restrictions. Any logging vehicle that doesn’t fit into the other two categories is considered a log truck.

Drivers of any of these types of log trucks are subject to federal truck safety regulations. They are also required to have special Missouri licenses to drive these commercial vehicles. The licenses will require proof of insurance. Drivers are required to keep certain records, to pass a medical evaluation and pass drug testing. Cargo must be properly secured and there are certain load limits for each vehicle.

Even with these safety regulations in place, truck accidents involving log trucks can occur. In these cases, the victims of the accident may be entitled to compensation if the log truck or truck company was negligent in causing the accident.