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How are you notified of a car recall in Missouri?

When people purchase a car, safety is often a major concern. People want to know that the vehicles that they are getting will keep them safe in case of an accident. They also want to know that the vehicles are not going to malfunction and cause injuries. In many cases, people can rest assured that their vehicles have been correctly manufactured and designed. However, it’s not unusual for a car manufacturer to find a problem with a car or truck.

When problems are detected, car companies may voluntarily take action to remedy the issue. In other cases, however, car companies are required by federal law to issue an auto product recall. In a recall, Missouri residents can get their vehicles fixed so that they are safe for them to use.

You may be wondering: how are you actually notified of a recall? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car companies have to take specific steps to notify individuals of a product recall. In the case of an auto product recall, you must receive notification of the recall via first-class mail from the manufacturer. This notification must be sent to all purchasers and registered owners of the affected vehicles.

In the recall notice, the car companies are obligated to tell consumers certain information. First, they must explain the potential safety hazard that is present in the vehicle. Then, they must tell consumers how they can get the problems remedied, at no cost. The notice must also include where the fix can be made, how much time it will take and where to report any problems they may have in getting the car repaired.

Car manufacturers have a duty to provide safe cars. When they fail to live up to this duty and people get hurt, compensation may be available to victims. If people have been injured by a defective auto part, they should consider seeking help from a qualified attorney. While this blog post can only provide general information, an experienced Missouri attorney may be able to answer specific legal questions.