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Do you have legal grounds to challenge a job firing?

Many employees in varied industries and professions are lucky enough to have job positions that are both sustainable and enjoyable over the long term. For them, going to work is a supportive experience, grounded in proofs that supervisors and key decision makers recognize their input and value their contributions.

As one authoritative legal source on labor law and employees’ workplace rights notes, “Good employers implement measures to ensure that their employees are taken care of.”

Everyone wants to work for a company where good faith and coupled fair treatment is a constant, of course. Unfortunately, ideal work environments are rarities. Real-world job venues sometimes feature wrongs and inequities that single out and selectively harm certain workers.

Wrongful termination: What is it, and what can be done about it?

Here’s a scenario for readers of this post who are employed across the Kansas City metro and other parts of Missouri: What would your initial reaction be in the event that your employer fired you?

Some workers might expect that and simply be ready to move on and commence a fresh start elsewhere. Many other individuals who have given best efforts for a company might reasonably question such an outcome, though. It might seem flatly inexplicable or clearly based on factors unrelated to job performance.

Candidly, troublesome questions can arise concerning a job firing. When they do, is there anything an adversely affected worker can do to effectively respond?

There certainly might be. An in-depth online overview underscores that employees sometimes suffer wrongful termination linked with unlawful management behavior.

Put another way: Company managers might seek to fire you, but they cannot do so for an illegal reason.

Sometimes employer motivations in a job-firing context must be carefully parsed by a proven employment law legal team. Pretextual behavior can loom large in a wrongful termination case. Perhaps company managers point to alleged subpar performance when what actually bothers them is a worker’s union activities. Maybe it’s the case that a worker is simply regarded as being too old for the job.

An individual might feel both powerless and vulnerable in the wake of a job firing, not knowing exactly how to proceed to spotlight company wrongdoing and secure a meaningful remedy responding to it.

Experienced employment law attorneys can provide candid counsel and diligent representation at such a time. Among other things, a seasoned legal team will look for evidence that supports an employee challenge, such as this:

  • Firing that points to discrimination against a protected employee category such as race, sex, national origin, religion, gender identity, age or disability
  • Violations of terms spelled out in an employment contract or implied agreement generally applicable to most employees
  • Retaliation against a worker’s whistleblower activities that spotlight unlawful company conduct

Employees sometimes fear company power and underestimate their ability to legally respond to adverse treatment.

The bottom line is that employment rights flow both ways. A worker who feels that he or she has been victimized by illegal company behavior can respond purposefully with help from an experienced and empathetic employment law legal team.